How to Learn Android Programming in Three Easy Steps?

Android development offers a promising career in Information Technology sector. Android developers are one of the most sought after programmers in the world. Various surveys have shown that an Android developer can earn anything between $70,000-$1,10,000 per annum depending on his or her experience and communication skills. The best part is you don’t need to have a degree in computer science or technology field to become an expert in Android development. Anyone from any stream can learn the android programming if they are passionate about it. You can learn Android programming in many ways. However, it is recommended that to utilize your time efficiently and learn it quickly; you should join a professional android development course. Since the course is vast and creates many confusions in the mind of new learners, it is suggested that you go one step at a time. Step 1 – Join a professional Android training program You can join an online or offline training programs based on your needs. Both types of programs have their advantages and disadvantages. Through an offline program, you learn from professors as well co-learners. You can make a study group to learn the coding quickly. However, joining an offline program is not for everyone. You need to travel extensively to attend classes of top institutes. Offline programs are expensive as they need to pay for rents and other maintenance costs. Online Android training offers flexibility to students. They can learn the course at their convenient time and a place of their choice. You don’t need to leave your full-time profession to learn the programing languages. Also, the online programs are significantly cheaper than an offline program of comparable qualities. The quality of instructors is also excellent for online courses as most of the faculty members have vast industry experience. Experienced professionals always prefer teaching students online as they save a lot of time for them. So it is recommended that you join an online Android training program to learn the language in an effective and efficient manner. Step 2 – Join Online Forums “Practice makes a man perfect.” You need to practice to become the master of any programming language. Since you may not have live projects to work on, you can join various Android forums to interact with other students and learn from each other. Many new developers like you ask several questions related to real life programming situations. You can try to solve these challenges. It will help you practice the theory that you learn every day during a training course. If you are unable to answer these questions, you can check the solutions provided by senior developers and learn from the same. Joining a forum can help you learn any development language quickly. Step 3 – Start freelancing As soon as you have learned the basics, try to implement the same in real life mobile application development environment. Since you can get big projects, in the beginning, it is recommended that you join freelancing platforms and start bidding for freelance Android development jobs. To begin with, you can join Freelancer, Upwork, Guru, etc. Once you win two to three projects and work on them successfully, it will help you build confidence in the language. Conclusion You can learn the Android development in three to six months in these three easy steps. Initially, you may face challenges. However, stay motivated and talk to your instructors about the problems you are facing. Solve the initial hurdles, and you will soon become a champion of Android programming language.