Pollution And Its Harmful Effects on Human Life

We are living in an age of pollution. Everything around us is polluted. The air we breathe in, the food we eat, the water we drink all are polluted. But the most dangerous type of pollution today is environmental. This is the worst danger that man faces today. Scientists and biologists have listed the dangers of environmental.The fallout from nuclear testing Increases the Incidence of cancer. Keywords: pollution, environment, oxygen Environmental Pollution , Problems, control And Measures Environmental Pollution has posed a serious threat not only to man but also to all living beings. Poverty and need are the worst polluters of environment. In olden times man’s needs were limited. The increase in population and fast development of cities has led to environmental damage. Thus increase population and fast industrialization pose a serious threat to the environmental damage. Man is an essential part of highly complex web or living organisms called biosphere. Any damage done to any part of the biosphere affects man. The Pollution of environment is, to much extent. caused by soil, water and air. About 70 percent of the earth’s surface is covered by water. Water pollution is very harmful for all living beings. So is the air we breathe in. If air is polluted people will fall ill. Thus water and air damage cause a serious menace to ill living beings. Water is polluted by industrial waste, grease, oils, toxic compounds and several poisonous substances. The polluted water causes various water-borne diseases such as, jaundice, Typhoid, cholera etc. In poor countries a major portion of population suffers from such water-borne diseases. Air pollution is caused by smoke, harmful gases, smoke emitted by vehicles, domestic smoke etc. The worst kind of smoke is emitted by vehicles which harms nose, eyes, lungs and other parts of our respiratory organs. Soil polluted is also equally harmful for mankind. Cutting of innumerable trees leaves the soil unprotected. More than 50 per cent of India’s land is facing serious environmental degradation. Noise pollution is another factor which is very harmful for our health and hygiene. Increasing environmental damage now needs urgent remedial measures to prevent environmental degradation and to maintain ecological poise. U.N. Conference on Human Environmental has drawn attention to the menace being faced by the world ecology today caused by environmental damage. The Conference observes June 5 as World Environmental Day every year. It is observed to remind the Governments of various countries of their responsibility in this regard. Steps have been taken to prevent environmental damage but they have not been implemented well. Even in India, in November 1980 our Government set up a Department -of Environment in this regard. Many Acts have been promulgated for the prevention of air and water pollution. It is also the duty of everyone or us to maintain sanitation wherever we live work or stay. The area should be pollution free atmosphere. We should also grow more and more trees as they help us in maintaining the balance of nature by providing us oxygen, the most essential gas for our survival.Like this related articles are available from our website OMICS Group. Some more precautions to be taken for the reduction of pollution are Unless we dramatically reduce the amount of pollution vehicles emit in actual use, or drastically cut back on the amount we drive, smog-free air will continue to elude many cities. The only way to ensure healthy air is to markedly reduce our use of cars or to switch to fuels that are inherently cleaner than conventional gasoline. Conclusion: The wide-spread use of Insecticides and, nitrogen fertilizers has contaminated food and surface waters. The Increasing use of synthetic detergents has contaminated water supplies. Thus environmental pollution has endangered the very existence of all life forms including man.