Fundamental Facts and Tips before Appearing For a Canadian Citizenship Test

Every year million of Immigrants apply for Canadian citizenship test, however most of the people score a poor result due to the lack of knowledge about Canada and its details. The Canadian Citizenship Test is a magnificent test, administrated by the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, that is required for all applicants for Canadian Citizenship who are aged between 14 to 64 and who meet the basic requirements for citizenship. The exam is very important to get the nationality in Canada. Citizenship test has some crucial requirements and the applicant needs to complete the same. The test is available in both French and English. These are the official languages of Canada. Basically, the exam is written, but in some cases, it might be oral and take place in the form of an interview with an officer. The Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will decide what will be the actual process depending on an applicant’s various criteria. Preparation for the Citizenship Test: Canadian citizenship test is a last step before the ceremony for the applicants who want to become a Canadian citizen. Of course, the applicant needs to prepare very hard to beat the exam. The immigrant should know what happens after the applicant takes it. Suitable Age of the Applicants: Any person can apply for the test. But applicants who are between 14 to 64 can apply for the exam. However, he or she needs to meet some basic requirements for the exam. About Canadian Citizenship Test: The exam shows what you know about Canada and its constitution, history, geography, political aspects and many more. Therefore, during the written examination and the interview, there are different factors that might be asked by an officer to the applicant. Some important points are given below: The rights and responsibilities, freedoms of Canadian Citizens Canadian democracy and ways to take part in Canadian society Canadian political system and military history All about Canada, its history, and symbols and Government Geography of Canada How to Pass the Citizenship Test? The applicants need to pass the test with the detail knowledge about Canada and its details. The applicant needs to study hard to prepare for the contest. There is an official study guide name “Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship”. The applicant needs to go through the study guide properly to pass the examination. Details of the test: The test is composed of twenty multiple choice questions which are related to the guide book. The passing score is a 75% of correct 15 questions. The applicants need to answer the two electoral system questions correctly to pass the examination. Nevertheless, to achieve a successful result, applicants are recommended to perform as many practice questions possible. Nowadays, there are various online coaching programs that help the applicants to pass test. Online coaching program is the best tool to prepare the applicants for the Canadian test. The fundamental key to pass Canadian citizenship test is lots of practice and study.