Why Non-Speakers Prefer Taking PTE Test?

International students need to demonstrate a higher English proficiency to be eligible for visa and study abroad. In the English testing department, IELTS and TOEFL held a hegemonic position in term of reach and authorised centres. With the coming of Pearson Test of English, most of the non-speakers are taking this new test for assessment and certification in the language. PTE is the world’s only English exab conducted fully on the computer. It is a single-sitting test conducted online for three hours. The PTE Test of English consists of four sections as speaking, writing, reading and listening. The four sections are held online, and answers are recorded on the computer. There is no session of face to face interview and proficiency exam in this exam. It is a perfect choice for candidates who hate paperwork while appearing in the test. Finding a suitable exam date is a challenge for candidates sometimes. But PTE test can be booked and take 363 days a year in over 150 authorised centres globally. In India, PTE has 14 authorised centres, and there is no problem in finding a suitable exam date and centres nearest to your home. Nobody loves to wait for the exam result after taking the test. PTE offers the exam result within five business days which enable takers to apply for admission in different universities quickly. The scores remain live on the official website for two years enabling candidates to apply for admission to various universities. Intelligent machines are employed in checking the answer of candidates in PTE. Marks in the answers are given based on the pre-defined guidelines and rules. Automated software has been found to be useful in giving more reliable result than examiners. As intelligent software checks responses hence, it limits the chance of offering a bias score or doing partiality. Hence, you will get an honest, fair, and transparent score taking the PTE test every time. Before taking any proficiency exam, it is essential to look how it is accepted globally. PTE is an internationally recognised test and accepted in over 6000 organisations of USA, Australia, UK, Canada, and New Zealand. The scores are being accepted for higher studies, immigration, and work of foreign workers. Preparation Tips for PTE Exam PTE is an excellent choice for international students looking to take a proficiency test. If you’ve decided to take the PTE exam India, it is essential to book the test online quickly. Get the desired score in the exam getting a good preparation in advance. Here are the preparation tips for aspirants: Know the current question formats of the test Buy genuine study materials Take coaching from language experts Register to take mock test online Improving on speaking, writing, reading and listening Learn correct use of grammar, punctuation, and spelling Develop fluency and speak in a calm tone Practice in the expired version in the test Reasons to Use PTE Voucher in Booking the Test International students prefer taking PTE exam to get the exam result within a short time. But it is essential to book the test in advance which needs $330 every time. Candidates get into financial crisis taking the test repeatedly to get the desired score. Buy a PTE voucher and get 10% discount on the original price in booking the test online. Contact us purchase a voucher and book the test quickly.