Reasons Why Non-speakers Take Pte Exam

Non-speakers need to demonstrate English proficiency to get visa applications for study, immigration, and work in native speaking countries. IELTS and TOEFL held a hegemonic position in term of reach and age in the testing and certifying department. Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a new entrant launched in 2009 but has gained immense popularity among the takers globally. It is an accurate, fair, and secure way of assessing the proficiency of takers in the language. That is why international students are taking this exam to get their desired scores quickly. Benefits of Taking PTE Exam PTE is the world’s only computer-based exam conducted online in a single-sitting for three hours. It is a perfect test for people who hate paperwork and face-to-face interviews found in other tests. It offers a complete assessment of skills through speaking, reading, writing, and listening test of the takers. Hence non-speakers prefer PTE Academic India test to get a real assessment of skills within a short day. It is helpful in improving the competencies in the English with a real-life exam on the exam. Apart from that, PTE is recognised and getting popular among the non-speakers quickly. People get numerous benefits taking PTE exam in the centre. Here are the top benefits of taking this test: Quick Exam Result: Takers get the exam result within five business days from PTE. It enables candidates to avoid waiting for the result and apply for admission in the reputed institutes comfortably. Further, the scores remain on the official site for two years. Flexible Test Date: PTE has 150 authorised centres to book and take the exam. In India, there are 14 authorised centres which become easy for aspirants to find a suitable centre and test date. Further, you can book and take the test 363 days a year in the authorised centre. Worldwide Acceptance: PTE is recognised and accepted by over 6000 organisations globally including educational institutions, immigration, and employers across the globe. USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are the major countries accepting the PTE scores. No Ambiguous Question: In the exam, you will get questions from academic contents and real-life setting with no dialect. Questions are helpful in testing the real ability of the takers in the language. Transparent Scores: You will get a fair, open, and secure score taking the exam. Marks are given by automatic software analysing the quality of answers by a predefined set of rules. There is no chance of partiality and getting a biased score in the test. Book PTE Test with Vouchers After knowing the benefits of PTE Test, you might be willing to take it. Take the exam after a proper preparation to get the desired score in the first attempt. You should prepare for the test as per section, items, and question formats to increase the overall rating. The standard price of booking the exam before 48-hour is $330, but extra 25% charges may apply for booking late. Buy PTE voucher from the authorised reseller and use the code to make an online payment in scheduling the test. You will get 10% discount on the original price while booking the test. Contact us to buy a voucher and book the test immediately.