Five Steps to Learn How to Read Japanese Quickly

Research show with the time span, more percentage of the young generation is loving to learn, read and write Japanese. It is not an easy language to learn but still folks love to learn it through online courses, games, videos, anime, visual drama, music, and more. If you have a basic understanding of the hiragana and katakana alphabets, then learning how to read Japanese will become a step easy for you. One of the best ways to read Japanese and learn it, is an online course. Learning through online Japanese course is beneficial and comfortable for all ages of people. There are many benefits of learning it through an online course. Some of them are listed below: You can attend it from anywhere Avoids unnecessary traveling Costs less than regular classes Learning to read Japanese easily and quickly is killing most of the language learners and lovers. The concept of reading a language is similar to the reading of a picture or symbol. For an example, you see a symbol of a stop sign on the road or a country’s flag, you try to read what the symbol is trying to tell you. Same is with the Japanese language. There are around 50,000 characters in Japanese language but it is not necessary that you must remember all these characters, else only remembering around 6000 characters can make you read and write it very easily. Take the following steps on how to read Japanese easily: Start reading the comics, books and texts written for children in Japanese. Go for Manga when you become comfortable with children’s books. Instead of taking a step towards a complex kind of reading such as kanji start from texts written in hiragana and katakana. After that concentrate on the basic grammar and making sentences. How to make a structure in Japanese is altogether different from English as the Japanese characters don’t have spaces between them. If you are on the first page of any subject and finding it difficult to read some of the words, then don’t skip those words as you will see most of them throughout the subject. Try to deal with one subject at a time, don’t mess with more. If you interested in reading and writing Japanese fast then do not concentrate on speaking the language, as learning to speak will waste your much time as kanji uses characters to represent meanings, without bothering how it is pronounced. Start watching Japanese movies and TV shows and put on the Japanese subtitles, so that you can know more words and sentences through it. After you get familiar with it the out the subtitles off and try reading them. All of the above steps will help you in reading Japanese and build vocabulary with it quickly. For more details, please refer: