5 Ways to Help You Learn a New Language

Taking language classes in Montreal or other cities can help you learn a new language. However, you may find you still struggle to speak fluently. Here are five ideas to try to help you remember words easier and to incorporate the new language into your life. 1. Set Regular Goals You probably set a goal to learn French or whatever language you’re studying. However, you need to be able to break it down even further. Set a goal for how long you will study the language and steps you can take. For instance, you may have a goal that you can sing a song or read a poem in the new language in a certain length of time. 2. Carry a Notebook If you will be around people who speak the language you’re learning, carry a notebook with you. Write down any phrases you hear repeated often. What this does is help you understand entire phrases in context. You’re hearing words used in a natural way, including slang or common terms. 3. Stop Using a Book Many people carry grammar books with them to help them learn new terms. This can actually be counterproductive because it prevents them from learning to rely on their memory. Instead, go out without any assists once you’ve begun to learn the language. Use facial expressions, gestures and your surroundings to help you understand what someone is saying. If you don’t understand a phrase, look it up once you get home. You’ll be more likely to remember it the next time you hear it. 4. Immerse Yourself in the Language Start watching movies in the new language or reading the newspaper or magazines. The more time you spend listening to the language, the more natural it will become. Shut off the subtitles and refuse to translate the written word. While you may miss some of the words, you’ll develop a better ear for the phrases and concepts you’re hearing. 5. Spend Time around People Many students of a language class want to wait until they are perfect at their new language before trying to speak it out in public. Unfortunately, the only way you become fluent is through practice. There’s no better way to practice than being around native speakers. Let them know you are just learning the language, and they will be understanding. They will probably speak slower and use better terms, but you’ll still hear everything spoken in a more natural way than in a classroom setting. In cities like Montreal, the diversity allows you to find people who speak a variety of languages. Go to the right places, and you’ll hear the dialect you’re learning. Even if you feel shy about speaking to people in another language, it’s a good idea to be in the same places. You can listen to them speak to others, which will help you with comprehension. Try one or more of these methods to help you overcome any obstacles in learning a new language. You might be surprised at how much faster you pick up words and phrases.