Why Studying Medicine in Ukraine is Preferred?

Education is the key source of an individual’s mental and intellectual nourishment and growth. It defines the perspective of an individual towards life and also the most important aspects of one’s life. However, today education has become very expensive especially if you are planning to pursue your career in the medical field. It is one of the main reasons why students are moving abroad for higher studies. The studies reveal that India is ranked as the second largest, which sends its students to study abroad in spite of having world-famous universities. Among all the destinations in abroad, Ukraine is the most common and preferred choice of medical students after China and Russia. Students from all over the world are lured by the top medical universities in Ukraine due to the quality and affordable education. However, what makes Ukraine the most preferred destination to study medicine? Here are some key aspects. Ease of Admission The students need not to appear for any kind of entrance examination. The enrolment and admission process is very simplified. The students having an aggregate of minimum 50% in high school that is 12th are eligible to apply for admission. No donation is required to get you enrolled. Admissions are strictly on the basis of high school marks and first come first serve. Low cost of Living The tuition fee in Ukraine is low as compared to India or any other country. Also, the living expense that includes accommodation, food or transportation is super affordable. You can easily complete your MBBS without burning a hole in your pocket. Education System The education system of Ukraine is widely accepted worldwide. The top medical universities in Ukraine are approved by MCI, WHO, and UNESCO. Also, the world ranking of a Ukrainian university is averagely high. Most of the universities are of high standards having a tremendous infrastructure and well- qualified faculty. Better PG and Research Options The medical universities in Ukraine are under “Bologna Agreement” according to which the students pursuing MBBS in Ukraine can also study post graduation in Europe. There are abundant resources that provide a wide range of latest technologies, and infrastructure in order to conduct in-depth research. Safety and Environment The climate of Ukraine is very pleasant and Indian food is easily available. The local people are very warm-hearted people and offer a happy and safe environment for foreigner students. However, studying abroad seems much like a hassle to most of the people. Inspiring Mindz not only helps you grab a seat in the top medical university in Ukraine but also provides you step-by-step guidance during your journey of becoming a successful doctor.