The Difference Between Fall And Spring Semesters For Study in USA

There has always been some confusion with respect to spring and fall semesters for international students who are planning to study abroad. Are the two semesters really that different, and would you have an advantage in opting for either over the other? Well yes, the two semesters have different intake methods to start with, and each has its own pros and cons. For a number of different reasons, students who intend to study in USA, show a clear preference for applying to study during the fall semester. We explore the reasons below and see if the preference for admission during Fall intake is justified. Why Fall Semester Is Better For Study in USA The spring semester is typically held in the months of March to May each year. Students who attend the spring semester from India, are typically those returning to higher education after gaining a few years of experience in the corporate world. However many students prefer to apply for the fall semester instead of the spring one. The spring semester commences in September and ends in December. One advantage of applying in fall to study in USA is that the student does not waste any years. He can apply directly after completing his high school which gets over by June in most schools. Another major advantage of opting for the Fall semester is the fact that universities offer a higher number of courses in the Fall. Additionally, students who opt for Fall to study in USA, have more sources and better support for claiming financial aid. the same amount of funding opportunities is typically not provided during the spring semester. Another reason to choose Fall intake is that jobs that are available on-campus as well as Teaching Assistantships and Research Assistantships are typically given to students in Fall semester. Students who are keen on taking part in a student organization and are seeking to be elected to one of the leadership positions will also have a greater advantage over students studying in Spring, who would not have had enough time to prove their worth before the selection process which typically takes place in summer. Students in Fall semester also have an advantage over Spring students for both job opportunities and internships. As can be seen, the number of advantages of opting to study in the US during the fall is greater than those for spring.