Study in Germany Popularity Set to Grow in Post Brexit World

According to a new report released after a study on the impact of Brexit on various educational institutions around Europe, the German universities are likely to benefit from the changes brought about by Brexit when it comes into effect. The study was based on a number of interviews with university deans and academic faculty from various universities or policy makers from cities in various European countries. The report has confirmed that since the result of the referendum, academics in Europe were more likely to seek partnerships from non-British countries for collaboration on research projects Germany to benefit from Brexit One of the primary beneficiaries from this shift away from UK was seen to be Germany which emerged as one of the significant potential ‘winners’ from the fallout of Brexit, as countries from both northern and Eastern Europe planned to surge ahead with their existing educational partnerships with universities in Germany. International students who study in Germany would definitely reap the rewards of the country’s status as the top collaborator for research for 19 different European countries as well as being second in place for seven other countries. In contrast, the United Kingdom has been chosen as a top partner for just Germany. With more European countries seeking and confirming partnerships and research collaboration with universities in Germany, the academic knowledge and quality of research in German universities is bound to excel in all aspects. International students would definitely prefer to reap these benefits and thus opt to study in Germany as compared to other European countries for their graduate and post-graduate degrees. Low cost of tuition added advantage for study in Germany The low cost of tuition is another advantage that is bound to lure more students for study in Germany . Many German public universities do not charge any fees at all at the undergraduate level, and a nominal fee at the graduate level which is much less when compared to other European and American universities. Moreover students in Germany enjoy all the benefits of a European education and can also use the time to travel in the EU region on a Schengen visa. Moreover after Brexit students who graduate from Germany will have one significant advantage that they will be able to work and live anywhere in Europe on their post study work visa as Germany will still remain a part of the European Union whereas the students in the United Kingdom will no longer enjoy the advantage.