College Savings Plan Tips For College

Student loans are the easiest way to get money when in college. The only catch is that many college students use it for inappropriate purposes. Instead of buying textbooks or paying off their tuitions, they’re using it to buy computers or spend on to parties. The result, students leave college with heavy, heavy debts. However, not all students are like that, in fact, a lot of them are even thankful for this grant because without it, it’s just impossible for them to continue their schooling. College is almost synonymous with tuition free increase. If you’re a parent, then you already know it’s not an easy fate to send someone, or two, to college. While these grants can assist you, you would still need to save a considerable amount of money to sustain your kid’s dreams. So how do you exactly start a college savings? If you want your kid to leave college with a small debt as possible, then why not open an account today specifically for his college needs. We even insist you open two accounts for every child you have. The other one is for his “conventional” needs, and the other one is for his collegiate life. Majority of today’s banks offer a much higher rate if your account will remain untouched for several years. Untouched accounts mean no withdrawals but regular deposits. Overtime, it will earn interest that should be enough to start financing for your kid’s tuition needs. Saving Regularly You don’t need to be extravagant to start saving for your kid’s college plan. Start with a $100 a month. After one year, you already have $1200. Do it for the next six years and you have $7200 plus the interest. It’s not a big amount though, but you get the idea. Instead Of Gifts, Ask For Money It’s normal for friends and families to gather around to give gifts and presents during the kid’s birthday and Christmas day. What if you could tell them about your long-term plan of saving for your kid’s college needs and will certainly appreciate receiving money instead of gifts. It’s worth a try. Open a Upromise Account Have you ever heard of Upromise account? It’s yet another way to save money for your kid’s college needs. You can even ask your friends and family to help you out by using your own Upromise account. It’s pretty simple. Open an account for free at and after that, almost anything you purchase or do (as long as they’re eligible), will add money to your Upromise account! Overtime, your everyday spending will accumulate Upromise earnings that you can transfer to your child’s 529 tax deferred plan. As of today, there are more than 600 participating online stores, 8000 restaurants, and 1-3% back on selected grocery and drugs stores. These are just few of the tips you can start right away to prepare your kid’s future financial needs. There’s nothing quite like being ready.