Air Hostess Training- Everything That One Must Know

Flying with your own wings may look like a dream, but it is surely nowhere near unthinkable. It is possible to do so if you get a job in the aviation sector. Many young graduates wish to become an air hostess one day. An air hostess not only gets to fly with her own wings but also gets a lucrative salary to spend on fulfilling their needs. Being a part of the cabin crew, it is the job of the air hostess to take care of the passengers and help them during their flight. This job allows you to explore different destinations, meet new people of different cultures, meet celebrities, and business tycoons. In the past, there were not many courses in this field in India. But today, the Indian aviation industry has a lot to offer. It offers numerous job opportunities for young graduates. In 2003, there were only three national airlines and 123 economic jets in India. But now, the whole scenario has changed. Apart from air hostess, the aviation industry offers a variety of jobs. For example, you can be a pilot, co-pilot, technician, aircraft maintenance engineer, member of the cabin crew, ground duty service officer, etc. The career of a pilot is for those who have a scientific bent of mind. If a person has good behavioral and communication skills, the career of an air hostess or flight steward is the best option. Becoming an air hostess Most of the people think that the job of a flight attendant is only for girls, but men can also apply for it and will be called stewards if he becomes one. After serving for about eight to ten years, an air hostess can be promoted to a senior flight attendant and later to head attendant. To achieve this feat, you need to do the air hostess course in Kolkata . If you are really looking forward to becoming an air hostess, then it is worth knowing that your personality matters a lot more than education. Some other important points include- Educational Qualifications: To pursue this post-HSC course, the minimum educational qualification is 10+2. If you want to seek the PG air hostess course, graduation is the minimum education qualification. Along with these educational qualifications, you should know Hindi, English, and any other foreign language. Age and physical standards: The normal age group that most policies prefer is between 17 to 26 years. Marital status also depends on the policy of the Academy. The candidate must be 5.2″ tall and should have an attractive physique. The skin complexion does not matter, but the weight should be in proportion to height. Behavioural skills: To become an air hostess, qualifying educational and physical standards is not enough. A good personality is what an aviation Academy looks for in a candidate. Pleasing voice, good appearance, outgoing personality, good communication skills, presence of mind, teamwork, and positive attitude are some must-have behavioural skills. Written examination: The recruitment of an air hostess in aviation is done by conducting three pursuits. The first one is the written examination to test your reasoning and aptitude. The second one is the group discussion to test your behavioural skills, and the third one is the interviews to judge your overall personality. After being selected, you’ll be trained for about six months. Make sure to join a reputed and high rated air hostess training institute in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Karnataka, Chennai, etc. Being educated from a good institute matters a lot If you are looking for any type of job in the aviation sector, you should be aware that the institute you choose to pursue the course. Your career prospects will highly depend on the quality of the institute. The aptitude of the aspirant and the type of course also does play a huge role. Before taking admission in any institute, make sure to do good research. Also, make sure that the institute you choose is approved and well recognized. Another thing you need to be certain about is choosing a particular course. Choosing a course that you are not interested in will waste your time. You should always choose a course if you think that you have the propensity and ability to prosper in the role associated.