Hate Your Job Go Back to School For Accounting

Do you hate your job? Perhaps you have to work late at night, use dangerous machinery or commute long distances every day. Maybe you don’t get along with your co-workers or boss. Regardless of the reason, one desirable solution is to become an accountant. Several business schools in Colorado offer accounting degree programs. It is true that accounting isn’t right for everyone. Accountants must be proficient at math. Calculators and computers perform most of the financial calculations, but it’s vital to understand how math works. Accountants also need the ability to stay focused on details. They cannot allow their minds to wander. Job Description and Duties Most accountants compile tax paperwork or financial statements. Some prepare reports that companies release to the public. Others create financial documents that are only available to staff members of a specific organization or company. Forensic accountants investigate fraud and other crimes that involve complex financial transactions. Benefits of Working as an Accountant One advantage of working in this field is that the demand for accountants continues to rise. The Democrat and Chronicle reports that recent high-profile corruption scandals have encouraged businesses to hire more accountants. Stricter lending policies at banks and new government regulations have also contributed to this trend. Accountants enjoy desirable working conditions. They can spend much of the day seated in a comfortable desk chair. If an accountant’s workstation has adequate ergonomics, there is little risk of injury. This career generally does not require much travel. However, some individuals do have to visit clients from time to time. The majority of accountants in Colorado work full time. Few employers normally require them to work more or less than 40 hours per week, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This helps to ensure that most accountants receive benefits, such as health insurance and vacation time. They generally work during normal business hours. Some people find it more satisfying to manufacture products or directly perform services for customers. However, accountants also accomplish important tasks that benefit society. Businesses, government agencies and nonprofits cannot operate without accurate financial data. Accountants can also detect financial crimes. Employers and Career Advancement Accounting work is available in cities, towns and even rural areas. Many large corporations and small businesses employ accountants in Colorado. Some people choose to start their own accounting firms. This career is more flexible than the average job and there is great potential for advancement, according to U.S. News and World Report. Although some people are content to work in accounting for several decades, many accountants eventually decide to enter related fields. The federal government reports that accountants often go on to become managers, executives, budget directors or business owners. They can also gain employment as auditors or instructors for accounting degree programs. Employers in Colorado generally require accountants to have bachelor’s degrees. To become an accountant, you must be prepared to begin working without on-the-job training. An excellent way to get started is to take a single course at one of the business schools in Colorado. This will help you determine if accounting is right for you.